A CCTV Chester business can be lucrative as you are able to provide security solutions to businesses and individuals. However, there are certain considerations that you need to look at before you start. It is important that you know how to fund the business and all of the legal requirements for starting a CCTV business.

The Requirements

As a CCTV business falls under the security industry you will need to be properly licensed before you can start operating. In the UK the Security Industry Authority is the regulatory body and you have to apply to them for a license. There are certain criteria for the license that you need to know.

When you register you will need to open an account with the authority and you will be provided with the steps necessary within the account. The authority will check your criminal record, your right to work and any photographs that you need to provide. You will also need to pay an application fee. The decision will be made by the board and you will be notified.

Once you have your license you will need to look into the insurance you will need and the potential staff recruiting you will have to carry out. You will need to have liability insurance and workers compensation insurance before you start. The staff members you look to recruit will need to have the correct training, be able to work unsociable hours if necessary and be licensed.

The Funding

Before you look into getting the documentation in order for the business you need to consider your funding situation. You will need to have the capital to buy equipment for the installation of CCTV as well as the vans and security systems you will install. If you do not have the capital on hand you will need to create a business plan to borrow the money.

It is possible to get start-up capital from bank loans if you are able to provide them with a clear business plan and how you are planning to get customers. In some cases, the lenders may ask for you to personally guarantee the loan by putting a lien on your personal property. If you are looking to expand your business to CCTV installation and maintenance then you may have to put some of your business assets up as collateral.

Providing A Good Service

If you are able to get your business up and running the best way to stay in business is to offer a good service. The staff you hire need to be able to communicate professionally with customers and provide the right service levels. You should also look at having a service agreement with any customers to ensure you are paid in time. The usual invoicing agreement will be for the invoice to be paid within 30 days of the work being completed.

It is important that you also try and get feedback from your customers when possible. This will help you improve your service and you can see if there are any gaps in the service you already provide that you should be filling.

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