If you want to make money, then you have to supply something that has constant demand. London is a great place to start a business, because there are millions of people there, which means there is always demand for many different things. Emergency plumbing services are one of them. Given the size of the city and how many homes and businesses there are with urgent plumbing issues needing attention, there is always room for one more competitor in the market.

Keep reading to learn 8 things necessary to run a successful emergency plumbers business in London, England:

1) A website: Your online presence might just tell people your business exists, what services you offer, what hours and service radius you have, and why they should choose you. On the other hand, you might also take service and consultation requests through it. Given how many homeowners and business managers are likely to use their smartphones to look up an emergency plumber while standing in front of whatever flooding disaster they have, your website needs to be found and loaded easily and quickly.

2) A phone number: Even if you predominantly take service requests through your website, you still need a phone number that people can call with questions or to request services from one of your crews.

3) Vehicles: You could require your employees to drive their own vehicles, but there are a ton of regulations and paperwork surrounding this. Having a fleet of your own trucks or vans means that you can make sure everyone you dispatch has the same set of tools, as well as give your business tremendous branding potential.

4) Contractors or technicians: Unless you’re going to handle every call yourself, you need professionals you can dispatch on service calls. Make sure they are qualified, licensed, bonded, insured, background checked, and anything else you can think of that will help customers trust you.

5) Equipment and supplies: Most emergency plumbing jobs are going to require diagnostic tools, repair or maintenance tools, and possibly even new piping and plumbing parts. Routine ones should be in all your vans.

6) A location: An emergency plumbers business is not one that’s likely to have a retail public location open to foot traffic, but you do need a central office and possibly warehouse to serve as a hub of your operations.

7) Marketing: Your website needs SEO, your professionals need business cards, and your business needs everything from coupon campaigns to roadside advertisements and commercials on television and radio.

8) An edge: It’s not enough to be open. You need to at least meet industry standards or do better in one area to beat out competitors and get clients. That might be pricing, service response time, or your hours, but it has to be something.

It takes much more than this to run a successful emergency plumbers business in London, but these are the 8 fundamentals that form the core of a company dedicated to helping homeowners and businesses with urgent plumbing needs.