You undoubtedly know how charming red vintage bricks can look, and many homeowners as well as businesses are choosing to incorporate them into their modern designs. Not only does brick offer a timeless look, but it can be salvaged from old buildings that have been torn down. Many companies are offering reclaimed brick tiles, which are essentially bricks that have been cut into thin slices. These bricks are not only easy to install, but they’re cost effective to use in any setting. Here are some of the reasons we’ve found them to be perfect for DIYers:

An authentic finish every time: DIY lovers enjoy an authentic finish when they’re choosing to install something vintage or historical. Reclaimed brick tiles offer just that! These tiles have the look and feel of a large brick without the heft or added thickness. They look timeless when installed on an entire wall, and they look exactly like historic red brick you would find on the inside and outside of factories.

Super easy to install: You don’t need a professional hand to guide you in order to install brick tiles. Their installation is very straightforward and you can find plenty of helpful videos online as well as numerous articles on how to properly install them. Fortunately, if you’ve ever installed ceramic tiles, then brick tiles should be no problem for you.

Can be used anywhere: There are no limits as to how you can use brick tiles. They’re a wonderful addition as an accent wall to any living room or bedroom, but also look great lining a shower or a kitchen backsplash. In fact, you don’t need to limit yourself to in-home use. These brick tiles can add a cozy appeal to a restaurant or a modern office building without the cost of modern building materials.

They withstand wear and tear: It’s important that a DIY project doesn’t go wrong simply because the materials being used are low quality. Brick tiles are reclaimed, therefore, they have withstood the test of time so far. You know that if they have provided decades of service to a previous homeowner with little signs of wear, you’ll get plenty more years of use yourself.

Help our environment: Since reclaimed bricks are existing building materials, you’re helping save our environment with your purchase. You won’t have to worry about the energy wasted in order to produce your brick wall and the materials were salvaged as opposed to being thrown into a landfill or left to decay. You can feel good about breathing life into abandoned building materials and giving them a new purpose in your home.

There are plenty of fantastic online retailers dealing in reclaimed materials, especially brick tiles. It’s important to consider your options whenever you choose to renovate your property, especially if you’re looking for an authentic or historic look. You’ll find that these brick tiles are easy and straightforward to install, giving your home or business a cozy and unique appeal.

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